Founded in 2017, Bojm, Funt & Gibbons LLP is a six-person progressive law firm that is committed to a more personal way of delivering legal services. We practice principally in corporate, commercial and real estate litigation. We also have active practices in contaminated sites litigation, securities litigation and class action defense. At Bojm, Funt & Gibbons LLP, we pride ourselves on offering practical and affordable advice to clients to resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.


We Offer Three Types of Service

1. Complete Case Management 

We manage litigation disputes directly for businesses and individuals from the commencement of a claim through to trial and appeal.

2. Contract Work with Law Firms

A key part of our business is work we do with law firms on a file-to-file contract basis.

We do so either independently by reporting directly to the client or alongside senior counsel where additional lawyers are required for complex matters. We are associated with a number of highly reputable boutique litigation firms as well as select solicitor based practices.

The goal of this service is to assist law firms to meet client needs in circumstances of excess work volumes and complex litigation matters.

3. Community Advancement and Access to Justice

We are committed to contributing to the community through advancing social justice, civil rights and environmental causes, and are open to doing so on an alternative billing basis.

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